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Great! Love

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Thank you Mona. Woman, Life, Liberty!

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Dear Mona, there’s a part in Questlove’s movie Summer of Soul where Nina Simone reads a Black revolutionary poem to Black people asking them “Are you ready?…Are you ready to kill?” Words that make white oppressors very uncomfortable. We have our own morality police here. It took over fifty years for that message to air publicly.

And Viola Davis lights 🔥 up the screen in The Woman King.

As our dear prophet Audre Lorde said “Women are powerful & dangerous.” Glad you’ve claimed your power/ shaved your head / given women permission to ditch their hijabs.

Screaming Jin Jiyan Azadi/Women Life Liberty!

In solidarity,

As Dr. Cornell West says- Justice is what love looks like in public.

Love ❤️ and Justice this Libra ♎️ Szn to all who celebrate smashing the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy (Rest in power bell hooks)

Xoxoxo Ida

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