Sitemap - 2021 - FEMINIST GIANT

Global Roundup: 2Spirit Land Defenders, Calls for FGM Ban in Sierra Leone, Lesbian Popstar and Pro-democracy Activist Denise Ho, Gender Neutral Hair App, Women Directors in Mexico Gain Recognition

Global Roundup: Sudanese Women vs Sexual Violence, India Vaccine Camp for LGBTQ+ folks, Afghan Bikers For Girls’ Education, Fighting Homophobia in Namibia, Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Trans Youth

Global Roundup: Qatari Feminist Activist at Risk, Suicides of Married Women in India, Black Women & Body Discrimination, Holiday Gathering for St. John’s LGBTQ Community, Boxing Star Nicola Adams

Global Roundup: #NoBeijing2022, Feminist Art Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan’s Radio Begum, Dawer X Damper Challenging Gender Norms, Recognizing Same-Sex Parents in the EU

Essay: Bloody Hell! And Other Stories

Global Roundup: Kenya Sex Workers Call for Decriminalization, Chile Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, The Black Girlhood Altar, Trans Activist Iman Le Caire, First Indian Miss Trans Global Pageant

Global Roundup: Bangladesh's 1st Trans Mayor, Controversial anti-LGBTQ Ruling in Thailand, World Tennis Association Supporting Peng Shuai, New Trans Leadership in Canada, Breaking Stem Barriers

مقال: ترطيب المهبل*

Global Roundup: Oscar nod for Femicide Docu, Justice for El Salvador Obstetric Violence Victim, British Muslim Women on Islamophobia, World AIDS Day Intvu w/Rebecca Tallon, Indigenous Band Crown Lands

Global Roundup: Progressive Female Imams in LA Mosque, New Female Leadership in Barbados, Malaysian Rapper Fighting Taboos, Huge Win for Botswana’s LGBTQ+ Community, Clothes for Trans Youth in the UK

Essay: Write Dangerously, Heal Slowly

Global Roundup: Spain IVF Equality for LGBT+ People, Sierra Leone Migrants Exploited & Abused, Violence vs Women in France, COVID-19 Worsens Postnatal Depression, Animated Short Film on Masturbation

مقال: الثائرات/الثائرون الجنسيات/الجنسيون في مصر يتصدّين/يتصدون للاستبداد الداخلي

Global Roundup: Art vs Slut Shaming in S. Sudan, Gender Neutral Uniforms in Kerala Primary School, New Guidelines for Trans Inclusion at the Olympics, Queer Mercado in East LA, Swiss Marriage Equality

Global Roundup: Woman Afghan Pilot, Ugandan Trans Campaigner Fights for Inclusion, Anti-Sexual Violence Decree in Indonesia, Health-Care Hub for LGBTQ Community in Canada, Trans Day of Remembrance

مقال: ترطيب المهبل

Global Roundup: Women Musicians in Kashmir, China’s 1st Clinic for Trans Youth, Urban Indigenous Youth Reframing 2Spirit, Rapper Targeting Racism and Environmentalism, Hong Kong Teen's Used Bookshop

مقال: رفض الأمومة

مقال: الإجهاض أمر طبيعي

Global Roundup: Indonesian All-Women Conservation Group, Ugandan Activist on Being Left Out of COP26, Attacks vs LGBTIQ Groups Up in Bulgaria, Food Bank Run By Nigerian Migrants, Filipino Comedy Duo

Global Roundup: Promoting Taiwanese Indigenous Culture via EDM, Benin’s New Abortion Laws, The Women’s Foundation of the South, Spain’s Groundbreaking Fertility Law, Emergency Code for GBV Survivors

Global Roundup: Kenyan Women and the Climate Crisis, Poland Abortion Ban Protests After Woman Dies, US Muslim Women in Media, Forgotten Women Artists in Turkey, Somalian Artist Breaks Barriers 

Global Roundup: Indonesian Muslim Metal Band, Tunisia’s Landmark #MeToo Case, Ghana’s First Openly Trans Musician, Supporting Latino/x Entrepreneurship, First American Gender Neutral Passport

Essay: The Terrorism that is Intimate Partner Violence

Global Roundup: Congolese Women’s Role in Ebola Outbreak, Ugandan Trans Woman Receives New ID, Medical Books in India to Remove Queerphobic Content, Halloween as “Gay Christmas”, 2-spirit Drag Queen

Global Roundup: First Female President of Japan’s Labour Union, Anti-Machista Hotline in Colombia, Pastel Palace Tattoo and Piercing Studio, Latinx Mental Health Centre, Trans Clinic in Massachusetts

Global Roundup: Netflix LGBTQ+ Employee Walkout, Abortion Ban in Poland, Africa's FIrst Chief Heat Officer, 98 new women judges in Egypt, Feminist Sci-Fi Comedy: Galaxy 360

Essay: Egypt’s Sexual Revolutionaries Tackling the Tyranny Within

Global Roundup: Queer Muslim Rom-Com, The Bonita Project, The Trans Possibilities Intensive, Women’s Collectives Tackling Water Shortages in India, LGBTQ+ Solidarity on Togolese TikTok

Essay: Moisturize Your Vagina

Global Roundup: Women Disappointed by Qatar Election, Mr. Gay World Competition Trans Inclusivity, But What Was She Wearing?, Jesteśmy rodziną (We are a family) in Poland, Feminist Comedian in China

Global Roundup: Women Fighters Making History in Muay Thai, Godmother of Afghan Women’s Rights, Children’s Book about Self-Love, Exploring Queerness and Muslim Faith, ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Fest

Global Roundup: Queer Indigenous Exhibit, Homestays Offer Women Financial Freedom in South Asia, ESEA Heritage Month in the UK, Black as Night Vampire Flick, #XustizaMaruxaina

Global Roundup: Safe Abortion Access in Sub-Saharan Africa, Migrant Trans Sex Workers Documentary, Elderqueer and Indigenous Amazonian Stars on TikTok, Scotland to Require LGBTQ+ History in School

Essay: Abortion is Normal

Global Roundup: Sabina Nessa and GBV in the UK, LGBTQ+ Advocates vs Texas Anti-Trans Sports Bill, Senegal Ecofeminst, Women Poets in Somalia, Support for Malaysian Vulva Flower Campaign

Global Roundup: The Fight to Educate Girls in Afghanistan, Body Positivity in Uruguay, NYC Protests for #MeTooinChina, Sudani Superhero, Ukraine Pride

Essay: “How Much is a Little Girl Worth?"

Global Roundup: Indigenous Women March in Brazil, Afghan Women's #DoNotTouchMyClothes Challenge to Taliban, Sex Workers vs OnlyFans Ban,Queen of Afrobeats Tiwa Savage, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Global Roundup: Bangladeshi Garment Workers, Indonesian Activists vs Sexual Violence, Voice of Afro-Colombian Identity, Protesting Rising LGBTQ+ Violence in Spain, Turning Plastic into Bricks in Kenya

Essay: The Day After 9/11

Global Roundup: Latin American Mothers Impacted by Pandemic, Protesting Anti-Gay Hate Crime in NYC, Somali Social Worker Targeted Online, Two-spirit Indigenous Film, Women in Public Spaces in India

Global Roundup: Afghan Women Protest Taliban Takeover, Latin Asian LGBTQ Superhero, Kenya's #VoteADada Campaign, Protests for Same-Sex Marriage in Switzerland, Feminist Art in California

Global Roundup: Women and Girls Write Letters to Modi, Night Pride in London, LGBT+ Community in Afghanistan, Rafia Zakaria's Book Against White Feminism, Two-Spirit Indigenous Boxer Raises Awareness

Global Roundup: Dr. Stella Nyanzi at Reykjavik Dialogue, Black Women-Owned Travel Agency, Resilience of Maharashtra Nashik Women, Black Trans Archive, Yucatán Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Global Roundup: Gendered Homelessness in Australia, Sex Worker Activists at Risk, #MeToo Resurgence in China, Muslim-American Athletes, India’s First All-Trans Soccer Team

Global Roundup: Decriminalizing Abortion in Veracruz, Myanmar’s Garment Workers, Compensating Caregivers in Argentina, India Trans-Led Healthcare Clinics, Women Appointed to 2 Holy Mosques Management

Global Roundup: GBV in Pakistan, Street Harassment in Barbados, Capturing Black Women’s History in Canada, South Africa First Trans Beauty Pageant, Beirut's LGBTQ+ Community After the Explosion

Global Roundup: Indigiqueer Love Story, Teen on Mission to Vaccinate Indian Trans Community, Latina-Run Zero-Waste Store, Resilience of Queer Nigerians, Protests in Ukraine

Essay: My Desire, My Freedom

Global Roundup: Dalit Women Journalists, Supporting Women Migrant Worker Survivors, Tunisian LGBTQ Community, Malawi's Youth Radio Show, Ghanian Artist Subverting Discourse on Queer Africans

Global Roundup: 'The Sex Lives of African Women,’ Young Indian Educator, Surfer Girls of Bangladesh, Protection Against Sexual Assault in the UK, Latinx Artist Fellowship

Essay: Boycotting the Olympics. Let Me Count the Whys

Global Roundup: Colombia Survivors vs GBV, Deaf Trans Olympian, Women Break Hindu Tradition, Sudanese Woman Creates Safe Swimming Spaces for Muslim Women, Sexual Liberation for Black Muslim Artist

Global Roundup: The Three Hijabis vs Racist Football Fans, Building Sober Queer Space, Muslim Women Making the Hajj Alone, Slovenian Activists Protest Homophobic Prime Ministers, Kuwaiti Women vs GBV

Essay: Perimenopausal Nefertiti and my Beautiful Belly

Global Roundup: Indigenous Rights Activist Berta Cáceres Case, Malaysia Mothers vs Sexist Citizenship Law, Pan-African Feminist Collective, Queer Black Tattooists, Trans Teen Documents Journey on Film

Global Roundup: School for Trans Students in Pakistan, Musical Feminism and Environmentalism, Queer-Inclusive Churches in South Africa, Outrage at Indian Muslim Women Auction, Corrido to Sylvia Rivera

Global Roundup: Women vs Sexual Violence in South Sudan, Survivors in Afghanistan, Spain Protests vs Homophobia, Women Healthcare Workers in India Demand Better Conditions, Black Woman on #FreeBritney

Essay: When Football Goes Home

Global Roundup: Protesting Rape Culture in Senegal, Capturing London’s Queer Community, Lil’ Libros, First Pride Parade at Mormon University, Economic Support for Trans People in Argentina

Essay: A la mierda la policía

Essay: Inciting Liberation

Global Roundup:Women vs Istanbul Convention Withdrawal, Survivor in Zimbabwe Faces Potential Jail Time, Thai Sex Workers Protest, 2Spirit Fashion Designer on TikTok, Black Muslim Women Storytellers

Global Roundup:Young Women Raise Awareness about Uyghur Genocide, Trans Activism in Tbilisi, Resilience of LGBTQIA+ Dominicans, Malawi’s 1st Pride Parade, Period-Proof Panties for Japanese Adolescents

Global Roundup: India Walton Making History in Buffalo, Trans Rights in Hong Kong, Outrage at PM Imran Khan’s Comments about Rape, Desi Rainbow Parents and Allies, Empowering Latine Voices

Global Roundup: Indigenous Trans Visibility, Journalists in Sri Lanka share #MeToo Stories, Black TikTokers Strike, Roma Band in Serbia Empowers Young Women, First Drag Conference in India

Pride Panel Today!

Global Roundup: India Walton Making History in Buffalo, Trans Rights in Hong Kong, Outrage at PM Imran Khan’s Comments about Rape, Desi Rainbow Parents and Allies, Empowering Latine Voices

Global Roundup: Trans Women Elected to Mexico Congress, Black Trans Woman on Juneteenth, Rising Online Sex Crimes in South Korea, Survivors in Congo Heal Via Dance, Disabled Black Queer TikTok Star

Global Roundup: South Africa Black Feminist Writers, Kid’s Book about Abortion, South Korean Film on Mother-Child Separations, Protesting Homophobia in Hungary, Indonesian Artist Centres Mental Health

Essay: Too Loud, Swears Too Much, Goes Too Far

Global Roundup: Digitalizing Indonesian Queer History, Women vs GBV in Zimbabwe, Abortion-related crimes in El Salvador, Book &Exhibition on Birth, Fertility & Parenthood, Queer Kinship in Photos

Global Roundup: Safe Abortion Access in Nepal, Indian and Indonesian Women Converting Plastic into Products, Lesbian Art and Poetry, We Need To Talk About Vulvas

Essay: The Queer Feminist Future I Want

Essay: Dear Graduating Mona

Global Roundup: Indigenous Aymara Women vs GBV, Coerced Sterilization of Indigenous Women in Canada, LGBTQ2S+ Muslim Advocate, Pride and Immigrant Heritage Month, Black Queer Electronic Music 

Global Roundup: 1st Woman in Urdu Storytelling Tradition, Moroccan Journalist Tells Her Truth, Empowering Women Via Art, Brave Sisters in Croatia, Namibia on Track to Abolish Homophobic Colonial Laws

Essay: Some of Us Did Not Die*

Global Roundup: Madres de Primera Linea,  #ReleaseThe21 Campaign, #FunkItImWalking Sex Workers Protest, Syrian and Palestinian Refugee Embroiderers, Brazilian Photographer Captures Black Queer Joy

Global Roundup: Women Artists from the Arab Gulf Region, Football as Solace for Hazara Women, ‘Because We Are Girls’ Documentary, Turkish LGBTQ+ Activists Continue to Fight, The Linda Lindas

Essay: The Disruptors - Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

Global Roundup: Peru Forced Sterilization, Violence Up for Sex Workers in UK since BREXIT, Women for Digital Equality, Miss Universe Contestant Raises Awareness for Myanmar, Black Trans Model Joy

Global Roundup: Togo Sexual Rights, "Lavender Book" for Black LGBTQ+ Safety, Mobile Apps for Mexican Women's Abortion Aid, Zimbabwe Stand-Up Comedians, Menstrual Health Conversation in Canada

Global Roundup: Muslim Women Protect the Environment, Quran #FemaleReciters Campaign, Trans Women Arrest in Cameroon, Women in China vs Online Misogyny, Lebanese Illustrator Celebrates Women for Eid

Global Roundup: Sheikh Jarrah Women's Resistance, Art vs Anti-Asian Hate, Ecuadorian Women Restore Fragile Ecosystem, Protesting Femicides in Puerto Rico, Lithuanian Artist Supports LGBT Community

Essay: Unmothering

Global Roundup: Instagram deletes MMIWG2S Posts, Gender-based Violence in France, Sexual Offences Bill in Uganda, Natural Haircare in Senegal, and LGBTQ+ Mariachi Band

Global Roundup: Malaysia Teen & S. Sudan Women & Girls vs Patriarchy, N. Macedonia to Legally Recognize Trans People w/out Surgery, Support for Ugandan Parents of LGBT Kids, Trans Rights in Honduras

Global Roundup: Harpist Amplifies Black Trans Womanhood, Nigerian App vs Sexual Violence, Manipur’s 1st Trans Women’s Grievance Cell, Migration Rights in Chile, SAfrica Introducing Third Gender Option

Global Roundup: Sea Women in South Korea, Senegalese Farmer Fights Poverty, Rematriating Land to Indigenous People, Gender-based Violence in Kuwait, Cree Two-spirited Student Pageant Winner

Essay: My Ambition is To Be Free And Awesome!

Global Roundup: Fighting for Abortion Rights in Sierra Leone and Italy, Asian-American Women Chaperones, Supporting Homeless and Youth LGBTQ2+ in NYC, México en La Piel Supporting Wage Equality

Essay: Fuck the Police

Global Roundup: Russia LGBTQ+ Artist Trial, Underage Marriage in Sundarbans, Chinese Online Feminist Groups Shut Down, Indigenous Trans Woman Runs for Office in Mexico, "Black Women Are Worthy" Film

Global Roundup: Fighting GBV in Sudan and Kenya, Colombian Indigenous Women Stopping Amazon Deforestation, Kyoko Takenaka’s Film Home, Changing the Face of Mental Health in the Latinx Community

Essay: A Vindication of the Demands of Attention Whores

Global Roundup: Kyrgyzstan Protest vs Bride Kidnappings, Chinese Road Tripper Challenges Gender Norms, Egyptian Woman Teaches Muay Thai, Album by Women in Ghana “Witch Camps”, Non-binary Cree Artist

Global Roundup: Pakistan Outrage vs PM Rape Comments, Indian Women Demand Rationing Transparency, Ghana LBGTQ Community Refuses to be Silenced, Afghan Climate Activist, Victory for Georgia Trans Woman

Global Roundup: Sexual Violence in Tigray Region, Women vs Qatar Male Guardianship Laws, Yemeni Trans Man’s Story, British Schools' #MeToo, Indigenous Trans Artist Revitalizing Endangered Language

Essay: A Savage and Dangerous Woman: Nawal El Saadawi

Global Roundup: Sudan Gender-based Violence, Migrant Mexican Women Complaint vs USA, Justice for Victims of Czech Sterilization, Islamic School for Trans People in Pakistan, Bangladesh Independence

Global Roundup: Protests as Turkey Withdraws from Istanbul Convention, Puerto Rican Feminist for Change, Cycling Himalayas to End GBV, Care for Pregnant Asylum Seekers, Qwitter for LGBTQ2+ Nigerians

Essay: God Save Us From the "Bad Days" of White Men

Global Roundup: Femicide in Peru, Indonesian Girls Traumatized By Push to Wear Hijab, Intersex Advocates and Heroes, Migrant Women in Brazil, and Indian Woman Sharpshooter

Global Roundup: Uplifting the Lives of Kenyan Women, the Afghan Tech Dreamers, Dalit Woman Fighting Against Inequality, Resilience in the South Korean LGBTQ2+ Community, Demanding Justice in Australia

Global Roundup: Women in Pakistan and Turkey Protest, Justice for El Salvadorian Woman, Poland Tightens Same-Sex Adoption Ban, and Indigenous Language Revitalization

Global Roundup: Moroccan Photographer Breaks Barriers, Women at Forefront of Myanmar Protests, Improving Safe Access to Abortions in Kyrgyzstan, Uganda’s Eco-feminists, Bangladesh’s First Trans Anchor

Essay: The Bespoke Feminism of Senator Sinema and the Sorority of Pinky Swears

Global Roundup: Women against Misogynist Mexican President, Rape Culture in South Africa, First Female Animator in Afghanistan, Sexual Health in Malaysia, and Black Trans Migrant Music Stars

Global Roundup: Sex Worker Rights, Trans Buddhist Nun's Temple Haven, LGBTQ Retirement Community, Female Electoral Leaders in India, Haiti's Madan Sara

Global Roundup: Women against Femicide in Argentina, Ghanaian Journalist Comes out, Chinese Court Compensates Woman for Housework, LGBT+ Community in Myanmar, and Indigenous Peoples in Mexico

Essay: Deliberate Beauty

Global Roundup: Victory for India #MeToo, Ending Period Poverty in New Zealand, Telemedicine Abortion Deemed Safe, Pakistani Women Mountain Rescuers, Surrogacy in NY

Global Roundup: Nepali Women Protest, Muslim Writers call out BBC, Incarcerated Indigenous Women, Sex Worker Fights for COVID Vaccine, Black Trans Model Against Social Media’s Racism and Transphobia

Global Roundup: Kuwait #MeToo, LGBTQ Rights in Angola, War Sex Crimes on Trial, Trans Rights in Brazil, Fighting Misogyny in Japan

Essay: I Beat My Assaulter, And It Was Fucking Glorious

Global Roundup: Young Women Protest in Myanmar, Feminists Fight for Accessible Abortions in Spain and Honduras, Black Maternal Care in the US, and an Algonquin Two-Spirit Artist

Essay: For Loujain, Who Terrified a Monarchy

Global Roundup: Stella Nyanzi Flees to Kenya, Spain's Draft Law on Gender ID, Pakistan Female Police Officers Aim To Help Sexual Assault Victims, Celebrities Slut-Shamed for Supporting Punjab Farmers

Global Roundup: Systemic Rape of Uighur Women, Māori Women Against Sexist Oppression, Support for Mongolian Survivor, Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, and the Power of Black Trans Activism

Global Roundup: From the All-Women Muslim Skate Crew to the Ethiopian Teen Show, From Women Fighting Violence at Home in Afghanistan to Farming in Mexico to Demining in the Middle East

Essay: AOC the Disruptor

The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls in Ireland and the UK

Global Roundup: Gender-Based Violence in Mexico & Puerto Rico, Death of Pakistani Women’s Rights Advocate, Black ASL on TikTok, and a Woman and Her Students Fight for the Environment in the Bahamas

Essay: If Marjorie Taylor Greene Was a Muslim

Global Roundup: Indigenous Rights in Kenya, Intersex Rights in India, FGM and Abortion on the Law Books, Fighting Refugee Period Poverty

Essay: #Jan25 - Ten Years After Egypt's Revolution

Global Roundup: Women and LGBTQ+ People Raise their Voices against Violence and the Patriarchy

Global Roundup: Using Transport and Technology to Fight Violence Against Women, #MeToo in Greece, Recognizing Muslim Women Scholars, Trans Victory in India

Essay: The Self-Pardon of White Supremacist Patriarchy

Global Roundup: Mothers, Women and Trans Sex Workers Call Out Patriarchal Fuckery Around the World

Essay: A (White Supremacist) Woman’s Place is in the House

Global Roundup: Feminist News from the Dominican Republic, Palestine, Germany, Tanzania, and the UK

Essay: White Women Storm the Capitol

Global Roundup: Women Against Patriarchy and the State in Pakistan, Ukraine, China, India, and Zimbabwe  

Global roundup: Abortion Legalized in Argentina, Anti-racist Dutch Political Party, Chinese Comedian