Sitemap - 2023 - FEMINIST GIANT

Global Roundup: Menstrual Cup Initiative in Kerala, Women Train Drivers in Saudi Arabia, Senegalese Champion of Women’s Rights, Women-Created Rwandan Genocide Film, Yemeni Women Building Peace

Global Roundup: Myanmar Women Online Abuse, Spain Feminists vs Far-Right Party, Intersex People & Reparations, India Women Hip-Hop Group, Queer Muslim Memoir

Global Roundup: Haiti Survivors Demand Justice, India LGBTQ+ Healthcare, Feminist Library in Armenia, Georgia LGBTQ+ Scene, Indigenous All-Women Caribou Hunt

Global Roundup: Iranian Women Prisoners’ Activism, First Indonesian Superhero, LGBTQ+ Ukrainians in Canada, Dutch Constitution vs Bigotry, Indian Film about Patriarchal Biases

Global Roundup: Sierra Leone Women's Rights Law, Brazil Indigenous Women vs GBV, Kenya LGBTQ+ Activists, Yemeni Women Defy Dress Regulations, Queerness & Palestinian Culture

Global Roundup: Trans People in the UK, Mexico Mother vs Femicide, Pakistan Trans Men, Nonbinary Artist Releases Album, Exhibition on Black Women & Leisure

Global Roundup: Feminist Podcasts in Egypt, Free Binders in New Brunswick, Protesting Anti-Trans Injustice in the UK, Romanian LGBTQ+ Museum, First Woman Vice-Chancellor at Indian University

Global Roundup: Indigenous Women on TikTok, Algeria Anti-Rainbow Campaign, Romania Couple vs Anti-LGBTQ Laws, Nigeria Artist Paints Black Women, Disabled Fashion & Beauty Influencer

Global Roundup: Myanmar Women vs Military Junta, Ghana’s Anti-LGBTIQ+ Bill, Indonesia Trans Community, Egypt Women DJs, Black Queer Rom-Com

Global Roundup: Feminist Community in Ukraine, Marching for LGBTQ Rights in India, Tajik-Russian Singer, Afghan-Canadian Documentary, First Sikh Judge in the US

Global Roundup: Kurdish Deq Tattooist, Peru Indigenous Women Dance Workshop, Queer Arab Representation, South Korea LGBT Awareness, India Sex-Education

Global Roundup: South Korea Inclusive Education, Cuba Women Boxers, Hong Kong Asexual Community, Challenging Images of Muslim Women

Global Roundup: Afghan Women’s Journalism, Woman-Owned Alcohol Business in India, First Woman President of Mexican Supreme Court, Tunisian LGBTQ Rights Activist, Hong Kong LGBTQ Art Exhibition

Event: FEMINIST GIANT & The Strand Present: Noor Hindi + Kamelya Omayma Youssef

Global Roundup: African Feminist Movements, Colombia Women Electrical Line Workers, Mauritius LGBTQ+ Rights, Brazil Women vs Fatphobia, Morocco LGBTQ Film