Sitemap - 2022 - FEMINIST GIANT

Global Roundup: Brazil Indigenous Activist, India Acid Attack Survivors, Kurdish Immigrant and Human Rights Activist, Two-Spirit Youth Gift-Giving Project, Trans Calendar Celebrates Beauty & Autonomy

Global Roundup: Zimbabwe Mine Sweepers, Barbados Decriminalizes Same-Sex Relationships, Decreasing Maternal Mortality, Brazilian-American Sculptor Reclaiming Women’s Agency, Queer Artivism in Tbilisi

Global Roundup: South Korea Women vs Misogyny, Coopting Kurdish Feminism, Organization for LGBTQ+ Youth, Egypt Sex Education, Exhibition on Black, Queer Identity

Essay: Football is Life, Football is Death

Global Roundup: Cambodia Survivors Use Theatre, Indigenous Woman Fights for her Mother, Indonesia Women Ulama, Uganda LGBTQ+ Refugees, Indigiqueer Graphic Novel

Global Roundup: Delhi’s First Trans Representative, Afro-Latina Film, Mexican Nonprofit for LGBTQ+ Community, Zoteria App to Fight LGBTQ+ Violence, Queer African Twitter

Global Roundup: Somalia Women & Drought, Laos Sexual Health Crisis, Yemen Women’s Rights, Book Documenting Stonewall Protests, Lebanon Pioneering Trans Woman

Global Roundup: South Africa First Black Woman Freediving Instructor, Puerto Rico LGBTQ Community & Hurricane Devastation, Tunisia IPV Law, Zimbabwe Lesbian Refugee, Ghana Trans Musician

Global Roundup: Environmental Activism in Cameroon, Queer Ukrainian Refugees in Berlin, Malta Abortion Bill, Trans Activism in Peru, Iranian Lawyer for Women’s Rights

Global Roundup: Canada Indigenous Women, Dalit Queer Voices, Africa's Women-Led Skateboard Scene, Exhibition for Black Queer Immigrants, Reclaiming Stories About Queer POC

Global Roundup: Senegal Activists Seeks Disability Inclusion, Japan Same-Sex Marriage, Honduras Women’s Rights, Somalia Social Worker vs GBV, Brazil Artist Depicts Lesbian Couples

Global Roundup: Native Hawaiian Māhū, Protesting Misogyny in Poland, Gender-Neutral Hair Salons, Honouring LGBTQ Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Kenya, Celebrating Queer Love and Activism with Art

Global Roundup: Spain Protests to End VAW, Armenia & Azerbaijan Feminists, Trans Brown Artist, Queer Drag & Multidisciplinary Artist, New Zealand Artist Challenges Beauty Standards

Global Roundup: Fighting Period Shame in China, Malta Activists vs Femicides, Pakistan Trans Rights March, Sudanese Woman on Clothing & Freedom, Two-Spirit Mentorship

Global Roundup: Remembering Club Q, Tackling Inequality in Mollywood, San Francisco Trans Support, Women’s Travel Guide, LGBTQ+ Activism in Argentina

Global Roundup: Ghana Anti-LGBTIQ Bill, Qatar Gay Community, Ethiopia Advocate vs Anti-Feminist Backlash, Queer People & Coming Out, Two-spirit & Indigiqueer Photo Exhibit

Global Roundup: Pakistan Trans Film, African Climate Activists, Remembering Kashmir Trans Icon, Cuba Activists Push for Anti-GBV Law, South Korea Influencer vs Curly Hair Stigma

Essay: Postmenopause—On Arriving

Global Roundup: Queer Palestinian Film Festival, Afro-Latina Plant Company, First Trans Model at Lagos Fashion Week, Brazilian Mothers’ Role in the Election, Mombasa Local Businesswomen

Global Roundup: Zimbabwe Women Politicians vs Gendered Violence, Singapore ID Policies & Trans Community, Mexico March Against Femicide, Bhutan LGBTQ+ Community, Indigenous Representation in Fitness

Global Roundup: Pakistan Queer & Trans Flood Victims, Tanzania Woman Environmental Expert, Madagascar Garment Workers vs GBV, LGBTQ Afghan Project, Vaginal Cleansers & Racist Marketing

Global Roundup: Girls Wrestling in India, ‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ Film, LGBTQ+ Activism against Qatar World Cup, Women-Owned Brazilian-Japanese Brewery, Legalizing Same-sex Partnerships in Tokyo

Global Roundup: Brazil Indigenous Women vs Colonialism, South Africa VAW, India Trans Activist, LGBTQ+ Muslims in the UK, Mi'kmaw Beaded Calendar

Global Roundup: Armenia LGBTIQ Activists, Zimbabwe Art Competition, Egypt Feminist Podcasting, 2SLGBTQ+ Estheticians, Queer South African Photographer

Global Roundup: Iranian Film Takes on Morality & Misogyny, Support for Former Child Brides, Queer Safe Space in Jordan, 1st Indigenous Strongwoman to Gain Pro Status, Philippines Menstruation Day

Global Roundup: Mexico Women in Journalism, Kenya Women Lead Peace Efforts, Turkey LGBTQ Community, Book on Black Health & Activism, Taiwan LGBT Pride

Global Roundup: South Africa Women’s Rights Groups vs Police, Abortion Decriminalized in Mexico State, Azerbaijan Queer Media, US Banned LGBTQ Book, Trans Filipinx Chef

Essay: The Power and Glory of Menopause

Global Roundup: Morocco Abortion Protests, Indonesian Women Join Iran's Protests, Puerto Rico Queer Food Sovereignty Activist, Indigenous Race Car Driver, Embracing Queer Community

Global Roundup: Black Former PP Employee vs Institutional Racism, Pakistan Pregnant Women Struggle After Floods, South Africa Queer Imam, W Africa Girlhood Film, 1st Greek LGBTQ Oral History Project

Global Roundup: India Abortion Ruling, Slovakia Vigil, UK Black Queer Podcast, Indigenous Clothing Bank, Disability Rights Activist Memoir

Global Roundup: Young Peruvian Activists, Sudan Campaigners vs “Honour Killings”, Two-Spirit Indigenous Creators, Black Women & Nonbinary Surfers, Bengali Film on Queer Love

Global Roundup: Digital Support for LGBTQ Youth in Mexico, Queer Vietnamese Athlete, Crowdsourced Latine Cookbook, LGBT+ Resistance in Italy, Slovenia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage and Adoptions

Event: Feminist Giant & The Strand Present: This Arab is Queer

Global Roundup: Girl Child Day Mexico March, Afghanistan Women Documentary, Hip-Hop Musical on Suffragists’ Struggle, Empowering Women in Somali Community, Memoir on Trans Joy

Event: Menopause Bootcamp

Global Roundup: Honouring Lives of MMIWG, Brazil First Trans Women Elected to National Congress, Yazidi Doctor Supports Survivors, Venezuelan Refugees Play Kickingball, Brown Woman Tackles Swimming

Essay: When Girls Erupt

Global Roundup: Art for Iran's Revolution, Qatar Fund for Women, Uganda’s First Woman Pro-Cyclist, First US Sanctuary State for Trans Youth, Iceland LGBTQ+ Action Plan,

Global Roundup: Women in Afghanistan and Ecuador Protest, Tunisia Queer Film Festival, First Muslim, Nonbinary and Non-Monogamous Legislator, Kenya Feminist Illustrator

Global Roundup: Italy Protestors for Abortion Rights, Indigenous Women Share Birthing Trauma, South Korea Stalking Law Overhaul, Hungary DykeMarch, #DayWithoutUS Campaign

Global Roundup: Local Women Farmers in India, Cuba Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption, Nigerian and Latin American Apps, Hanoi Pride Returns

Essay: Dear White Women Cheering Iranian Women

Global Roundup: Brazil Election Trans Candidates, Jordan Women vs New Child Law, Remembering Trinbagonian Human Rights Advocate, Korea Deaf LGBT Activists, Disability Rights Advocates & Pandemic

Global Roundup: First Black Woman HRC President, Inflation Widening Gender Gap, Peru Girls Campaign for Social Change, Queer Black Debut Novel, India’s Feminist Movement Exhibition

Essay: Iran's Feminist Revolution--Women, Life, Freedom

Global Roundup: Palestinian Teen Telling her Story, Indonesian Art Exhibition, San Marino Legalizes Abortion, Pride to Continue in Kharkiv, Gardening Initiative in Guatemala

Essay: Menopause is Shit. Menopause is Amazing

Global Roundup: Iran Women Protest Morality Police, Serbia LGBTQ+ Marchers vs Violence, Bolivia Indigenous Women Mountaineers, India Artivist Trans Woman, Survivors Reclaim Agency Through Clothes

Global Roundup: Hungary Tightens Abortion Access, Denmark Hijab Ban Protests, Pakistan Women Choose Divorce, Incarcerated Trans Woman Painter, Return of Afropunk

Global Roundup: 1st Woman on Yemeni Supreme Judicial Council, Malta Free Gender Affirming Surgery, Vanuatu Fight for Gender Equality, Decriminalizing Homosexuality in Sri Lanka, Serbia LGBTQ Community

Global Roundup: India Abortion of Girls, Italy LGBTIQ+ Community vs Far-Right Gov’t, Syria Violence Against Women, Feminist Highlights Disruptors, Indigenous Two-Spirit Community Gathering

Global Roundup: Oman Migrant Workers, Indigenous Sisters Create Video Games, Egypt Femicide, Pussy Palace Legacy, Chinese Intersex & LGBTQ+ Activist

Global Roundup: Jewish Women’s WWII Resistance, Colombian Women's Coffee Business , Kenyan Women Politicians Unite, Activists vs Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill in Iraq, Tijuana Gay Choir

Essay: The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls

Global Roundup: Poland Pride Marches, Iran LGBT Activists, India Women in Villages vs Access to Water, Scottish Sex Workers Cost of Living, Drag Queen Story Hour,

Global Roundup: Menstrual Products for Pakistan Flood Victims, Feminist Lens on Libya’s History, Argentina Trans Survivor of Dictatorship, India Students vs Misogyny, Disability Activists on Sex Toys

Two Today!

Global Roundup: India Protests, Peru LGBT Activists vs Trans Man’s Death, Japanese Intimacy Coordinator, 150 Years of Canadian Queer Art, Trinidadian Singer Highlights Women

Global Roundup: Chad Indigenous Environmental Activist, Afghanistan Women’s Library, Mexico Feminist Anti-Monument, Jamaica Queer Performance Artist, Be Not Afraid of Love: Book on Queer Love

Event: FEMINIST GIANT and The Strand Book Club Present This Arab is Queer


Global Roundup: Sudan Women’s Rights vs Morality Police, Singapore Decriminalizes Gay Sex, Lebanon Trans Women, Queer Colombian-Canadian Artist, Syria Women Heal Through Art

Global Roundup: India Menstruators Fight Period Shame, Kenya Lesbian Footballers vs Right to Play, Tigray Women Forced Into Sex Work, Queer South Asian Representation, Migrant Women Share Stories

Event: FEMINIST GIANT and The Strand Book Club Present These Impossible Things

Global Roundup: Indigenous Women’s Football Team Makes History, LGBTQ+ Afghan Protest, Bringing Midwifery to Indigenous Parents, Young Bolivian Feminist, Stories of Nigerian Queerness

Global Roundup: Azerbaijan Queer Sex Workers, Uganda Non-Binary Photographer, Black Sexual-Wellness Platform, Malaysia LGBT Discrimination, Palestinian Woman Preserves Historic Embroidery

Global Roundup: Dalit Women Abortion Rights, Iranian Women Forced Confessions, Uganda LGBT Advocacy Group vs Gov’t Shut Down, Anti-Apartheid Activist, Queer Brown Illustrator

Global Roundup: Black Women & Farm Ownership, China Crackdown on LGBTQ Students, Muslim Women in Sports, Trans and Non-Binary Immigrant Photo Series, India Trans Women Paint Murals

Global Roundup: Ghana Feminist, Zimbabwe Women Political Representation, Chile “I’d Defend Myself Too”, Nigerian Photographer Queer Afrofuturist Utopia, Two-Spirit Artist

Global Roundup: Trans Men Face Barriers Accessing Abortions, Seoul Pride Parade, Mexico Sex Worker Journalists, Africa & Middle East LGBTQ Activists, Indian Women Anthology

Event: FEMINIST GIANT and The Strand Book Club Present The Sex Lives of African Women

Global Roundup: Kenya Women MPs vs Online Abuse, Reporting SV in Uganda, Chile Feminist Environmental Activists, Romania LGBTQ+ March, Queer Meetups for Muslims

Essay: On Abortion--It’s Time To End The Silence, Secrecy And Shame

Global Roundup: Bangladesh Young Women vs Climate Crisis, Lebanon LGBTQ Crackdown, Empowering Women Artists in Sudan, Bhutan LGBTQ Community, Self-Care for Black Women

Event: Feminist Giant & The Strand Present: Dr. Meera Shah + Mona Eltahawy: You’re The Only One I've Told - The Stories Behind Abortion

Global Roundup: Abortion Investigations in England & Wales, Argentina GBV Visual Project, Congo Women’s Movement, Colombia Trans Women Docu, Queer South Asian-Canadian Activist

Global Roundup: Bolivia Feminists vs Femicide, Bangladesh Trans Community Neglected, Hong Kong Gar Rights Crackdown, Mexico’s First Shelter for Trans Women, LGBTQ Youth Sex Ed Servers

Global Roundup: Polish and Ukrainian LGBTQ+ Pride, Morocco Feminist Digital Activism, Ghana LGBTQ+ Activist, Pride Accessibility for the Queer and Disabled, Nigeria Genderfluid Fashion Movement

Essay: The Seven Necessary Sins for Fighting Abortion Bans

Global Roundup: Brazil Tattoo Artist Empowers Survivors, LGBTQ+ Nigerians, India Queer Muslims, Queer Photography, Queer Fat Liberation

FEMINIST GIANT and The Strand Book Club Launches with You're the Only One I've Told: The Stories Behind Abortion

Essay: The Fuck-It List

Global Roundup: Armenia Trans Activist, Feminists in Lebanon Parliament, Singapore Gay Rights Rally, Nepal Pride Parade, Virtual LGBTQ+ Museum

Global Roundup: IPV China Survivor Speaks Out, Malta Activists vs Abortion Ban, Detention of Trans Immigrants, Syrian LGBTQ+ Organization, “Hysterical” Feminist Exhibition

Global Roundup: Mexican Feminists Help Americans Get Abortions, Baltic Pride in Lithuania, Punjabi Drag Queen, Turkey Queer Artists, Black Gay Activist & Author

Global Roundup: Mexico LGBTQ Soup Kitchen, Calls to Reform Nepal Statute of Limitations, Malaysia Online LGBTQ Activism, Nonbinary Reggaeton Artist, Black Queer Musician

Essay: Disrespecting Laws that Disrespect Women

Global Roundup: Thailand Pride Parade, Argentina Femicide March, Zambia’s LGBTQIA+ Activists, Indigenous Dolls, Trans Indigenous Scholar & Influencer

Essay: The Decade of Saying All That I Could Not Say

Global Roundup: India Student Pride March, Nicaragua Feminist Groups vs Government Bans, Belgium Decriminalizes Sex Work, Pakistan Disability Activist, Queer Muslim Representation

Global Roundup: Sudanese Activist Wins Award, Poland LGBTQ+ March, Canada Migrant Workers' Abortion Barriers, Indonesian-Chinese Author Memoir, Queer Chinese Photographer

Global Roundup: Indigenous Woman Vigil, Tunisia First LGBTQ Play, The Vagina Festival, Syrian NGO vs Period Poverty, Degendering Beauty

Essay: The Handmaid's Curse

مقال: أكاذيب الإجهاض، والأسرار، والصمت

Global Roundup: Thailand Young Women Activists, Chile LGBTQ+ Artists vs Homophobia, Nigeria Restrictive ‘Cross-Dressing’ Bill, Queer Kenyan Activism, Indonesia Woman Rapper

Global Roundup: High School Dress Code Protests, Cuba LGBTQ+ History Month, Thesis on Palestinian Women, Queering Nature and Environmental Issues, Muslim Woman TV Writer

Essay: The White Women Who Destroyed Roe v Wade

Global Roundup: Ukrainian Refugees Seeking Abortion, Homage to Taiwan LGBTQ Youth, Mexico Women March, Art by Sex Workers, Empowering SAfrica Women

مقال: الخطايا السبعة الضرورية لمقاومة حظر الإجهاض

Global Roundup: Dr. Strange & LGBTQ+ Activism in Egypt, Sri Lanka Women Garment Workers, Revitalizing Indigenous Birthing Practices, Vietnam Women DJ Workshops, Black Queer Designer

Essay: Abortion Lies, Secrets, and Silence

مقال: لماذا يكرهوننا؟

Essay: The Seven Necessary Sins for Fighting Abortion Bans

Essay: The 10th Anniversary of Why Do They Hate Us?

Global Roundup: Moroccan Trans Community, LGBTQ Muslims, Women by Women Photo Exhibition, Pakistan Women in Health Tech, Fitness Group for Black Women

مقال: تقدير الفَرْج والمهبل

Global Roundup: Women vs Femicides in Mexico, Iran Students Protest Tightened Restrictions, Domestic Worker YouTuber, Cartoonist Explores Wuhanese Roots & Queer Identity, SAfrica Play on LGBTQ Lives

Essay: In Appreciation of Vulvas and Vaginas

Global Roundup: Lawyers vs Haiti’s Legal System, Palestine Women’s Collective, China Queer Photo Series, Brazil’s Carnival & Black Resistance, Trans TikToker Organizing Fashion Gala

Global Roundup: Indonesia Passes Sexual Violence Law, LGBTIQ People in Rwanda, Protest in Turkey Against Women’s Group Closure, Black Queer Author vs Book Bans, LGBTQ Latinx History Documentary

Essay: Vilina Vlas

Global Roundup: Turkey Fight for Free HPV Vaccine, GBV in Syria’s Widow Camps, Trans Advocate Book Tour, Indigenous Woman Revives Traditional Motherhood Practices, Queer Environmental Poetry

Essay: The Menopause Multiverse

Global Roundup: Mexico Writer Tells Story of Femicide, Decriminalizing Homosexuality in Singapore, Australia Domestic Violence Artwork Removed from Museum, Nigerian moms’ FB group, UK Ace Research

Global Roundup: H&M Pledges To End Shopfloor Sexual Violence in India After Worker Killed, Zimbabwe Decriminalizes HIV Transmission, UK Medical Bodies Tell Govt. To End Trans Conversion Therapy

Global Roundup: Indigenous Woman Brings MMIWG2S Crisis to Vatican Doorstep, Film Captures Women’s March & Feminist Movement in Pakistan, NGO partners with South Africa Govt to Issue ID to Trans People

Global Roundup: Afghan Women Rip Down Taliban Banner in Protest at Education Ban, Tanzanian Teenage Mothers allowed Back to School. Amnesty Calls on Saudi Arabia to Release Detained Uyghurs

Global Roundup: Pakistan Trans Women Protest, Poland Abortion Activist Faces Trial, LGBTQ People Leaving Hungary, Women vs Morality Police in Iran, Breaking Barriers for Muslim Women in Sports

Global Roundup: Mexico March Denounces Transphobia, India Trans Artists, 2Spirit Elder on Transgender Day of Visibility, Calls for Hymen Name Change in Taiwan, Refugee Women Empowered by Football Club

Global Roundup: Italian Court Recognizes Non-Binary Identities, Starblanket to Honour Missing and Murdered Women, Girls and 2-Spirit People, Hungarian Voters Urged to Invalidate Homophobic Referendum

Global Roundup: Amnesty Urges End to Prosecution of Egyptian Feminist, Singapore Issues White Paper to Spur Women's Rights, Ugandan Artists Fight Patriarchy in Exhibit

Global Roundup: Zimbabwe Domestic Workers Repatriated After Abuse in Oman, Taliban Deal Two Blows to Women and Girls Rights in Afghanistan, Egypt Clinic for Survivors of FGM

Global Roundup: Student Strikes in Chile Amid GBV, Ghanaian Skate Gal, Canada LGBTQ2S+ National Monument, Social Media Star Tackles Ableism, Black Queer Artist Redefines Religious Art

Global Roundup: Women vs Criminalization of Abortion in El Salvador, Eulogizing Trans Activist Elise Malary, Being Nonbinary in the Philippines, Uganda Woman Boda Boda Driver, Women & Climate Crisis

Global Roundup: Oscar-nomination for Documentary on Marginalized Women Journalists in India, Rare LGBTQ Victory in Poland, Theatre Show on Residential Schools

Global Roundup: First Non-Binary Person Elected to Colombia Congress, Human Rights Group Condemns Homophobia in Iraq, Artist Jaishri Abichandani First Museum Survey Celebrates Art and Activism

Global Roundup: South Africa Minister of Menstruation, Trans People Tell Stories of Abortion, Nicaraguan Migrant Women in Costa Rica, India Trans-Disabled Activist, Queer Kenyan Film Banned

Global Roundup: Activists Protest Texas Transphobia, New Documentary on Early Black Beauty Cosmetics Line, Kae Tempest on Coming Out as Non-Binary

Global Roundup: Indonesia Sexual Violence Bill, Indigenous Woman’s Murder Reignites Call for Shelter, Zimbabwe Young Women in Politics, Queer Artists in Lebanon, South Asian Queer Writer

Global Roundup: Protests in Sudan After Alleged Gang Rape of Woman by Security Forces, Colombia 1st Latin American Country to Legally Recognize Non-Binary people, Arab Women Artists Embrace NFTs

Global Roundup: Russian Woman interrupts Live TV Broadcast to Protest War, Plano Chamber of Commerce Elects First Black Woman to head Women’s Division, Lebanon’s first All-Female Metal Group

Global Roundup: Anti-feminist South Korean President, Women vs Myanmar Regime, Black Trans Sex Worker on HIV Stigma, Indigenous Ribbon Skirt Dolls, Nepal Trans Activist Wins Award

Global Roundup: Ending Femicide in Argentina, Colombia Journalist & Land Defender, Instagram Account for Women in Science & Nature, Archiving LGBTQ+ History, Newcomer & Indigenous Women Self Defense

Global Roundup: IWD Protests in Mexico & Pakistan, UN Tells Canada to Address anti-Indigenous Gender Discrimination, Students vs Homophobia, Arab Women Activewear Entrepreneurs, Queer Wellness Fest

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Global Roundup: First Female Judge for Egypt Top Court, Protest and Crackdown vs Motorbike Taxis in Kenya After Woman Assaulted, Dating App Helping Queer Ukrainians Seeking Refuge,

Global Roundup: The NGO Rescuing Women and Families, Business Woman creates the first Black-Female Owned Podcast Network, Pakistan’s first Blind Diplomat

Global Roundup: Women in Nigeria Protest, Netherlands’ Women’s March, Sri Lanka Women Surfers, Middle East Police Target LGBTQ+ Phones, Queer Hikers vs Heteronormative Macho Norms

Essay: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Love

Global Roundup: Feminist Street Art in Latin America, Trans Women Trapped in Ukraine, Children’s Books on South African Women, Black Queer & Trans Parents' Group, Play Tells Story of Indigenous Women

Global Roundup: Ukraine’s LGBTQ+ Community Rallying to Resist Russian Invasion, Reemergence of Lesbian Bars Across the U.S., New Novel Challenges Heterosexual Norms of Arab-Australian Culture

Global Roundup: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson First Black Woman Nominated to US Supreme Court, Hijab ban in India Sparks Global Outrage, UAE Women STEM Pioneers

Global Roundup: Black Genderqueer Lawmaker Elected, China Transphobic Online Hate, Empowering Displaced Iraqi Girls Through Sport, Vertical Farming in Uganda, South Africa Visual Activist

Essay: The Feminist Response to War

Global Roundup: Ukraine LGBT+ Community, India Artists Celebrate Women’s Agency, Comedian Creates Space for Black Women, Queer Black Chosen Families, Women & Non-binary Photographers vs Climate Crisis

Global Roundup: The African Continent's Women 'techpreneurs', Queer Performer Who Uses Music and Comedy to Survive in a Cis-Het Man’s World, First Black Trans American to Run a City Council

Global Roundup: Erin Jackson and Elana Meyers-Taylor make Olympic History for Black American Athletes, "Babushka" Battalion in Ukraine, Black Transgender Woman Awarded $1.5 Million After Bogus Arrest

Global Roundup: Kuwait Overturns Anti-Trans Law, Colombia Becomes Latest Latin American Country to Partially Decriminalize Abortion, Palestinian Women Share Pictures of Thobes To Celebrate Culture

Global Roundup: Abortion Travel Volunteers in Europe, Ghana Documentary When Women Speak, Raveena Sings About Love and Holiness, Gender-Diverse Pan-Asian Collective, Iran Journalist Fights Loneliness

Global Roundup: Indonesia Trans Trailblazer Dies, App for Black Women, Non-Consensual Nudes on Telegram, Standing in Solidarity with Muslim Women, Heart Beading Project for MMIWG2S Awareness,

Global Roundup: Yemeni Women Launch Businesses to Fight the Pandemic, Trans People Vote in Recognized Gender for 1st Time in Goa, Student Celebrates Black History Month With Art

Global Roundup: March Honours Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans and Two Spirit People in Canada, New Zealand Finally Bans Conversion Therapy, Rise of Feminist Theatre in India

Global Roundup : Fordham University Getting 1st Woman President in 200 Years, Transgender Woman Cleared to Swim at NCAA Championship, Sondheim's A Little Night Music Gets a Queer Twist

Global Roundup: Hijab Cosplayers Challenge Stereotypes, Decriminalizing Sex Work in South Africa, LGBTQ Rights Group vs Russian Government, LGBT+ Couples Protest in Taiwan, ‘Queering The Map’ Project

Essay: A Feminist in Her 50s in Love

Essay: Feminism, Football, Fucking

Global Roundup: Intl. Day of Women and Girls in Science, Iranian Refugees in Turkey Face Deportation, Kuwait Women vs Misogynistic Lawmakers, The Running Fat Chef, Arab Film Tackles LGBTQ+ Issues

Global Roundup: Protests Against Hijab Ban in Indian State, Trans-Owned Tattoo Studio Fights Gender Dysphoria, Tina Kotek Wants to Be First Openly Lesbian U.S. Governor

Global Roundup: Calls to Toughen Sentencing for Domestic Violence in Egypt, Iraqi LGBTQ+ Community Outraged Over Trans Woman's Murder, First Netflix Arabic Language Film Stirs Controversy

Global Roundup: Ukrainian Women Alone on Frontline of War, Senior Ottawa Women Dubbed ‘Heroes’ for Standing Up to Truckers, Mj Rodriguez Makes History as 1st Trans Woman to win Golden Globe

Global Roundup: Ending FGM in Uganda, Trans Artist Vs Ghana Anti-LGBT+ Bill, Women’s March in Bolivia, Queer Muslim Network Toronto, Haitian Film Takes Black Feminist Lens

Essay: #EndFGM

Global Roundup: Myanmar Women vs Junta, Indigenous Women in India Lose Land Access, Portraits of Black Muslim Women & Girls, LGBTQ+ Colombians Embrace Visibility, Black Queer Artist Uplifts Community

Global Roundup: Questions Remain Over Girls' Education in Afghanistan, LGBTQ+ Couples Queering Family Structures, Advocates of Trans Rights Warn of "Epidemic of Violence"

Global Roundup: Outrage in India Over Gang Rape and Torture of Woman, Viral Video of Shackled Woman in China Revives Debate Over Abuse of the Mentally Ill, Transgender Woman Makes History on Jeopardy

Global Roundup: Queering Lunar New Year, Women Shaming in Kyrgyzstan, Anti-Rape Protest in Liberia, NZ’s First Play About Afro-queer Immigrants, South Africa Trans Pageant Queen

Essay: The Terrorist, the Attorney General, and the Supreme Court Justice

Global Roundup: Justice for Indigenous Women in Guatemala, Poland Abortion Rights Protests, #NoBeijing2022 Campaign, Prominent Sudanese Activist Detained, Philippine Trans Calendar Girl

Global Roundup: Lebanon Migrant Women Embassy Sit-ins, Turkey Witches vs Rising Cost of Sanitary Products, 1st Non-binary Winter Olympian, Red Lipstick for Every Skin Colour, NZ Church Queer Makeover

Global Roundup: Lesbian Couple’s Murder Sparks Protest in Mexico, Sex Workers on New UK Bill, Poland Bans “Gay Propaganda”, Pakistan Women-led Livestock Market, Vulva-casting Promotes Body Positivity

Global Roundup: Morocco Official Fired Over Mentioning Sexual Orientation, Protesters vs UK Women’s-only Detention Centre, Brazil Female Fishers, Pakistan Women’s Cricket, Tamil Queer Artists Calendar

Essay: Avenge Your Silence

Global Roundup: Women’s Safety in Ireland, Kenya LGBTQ+ Students Protest, Woman in Viral Dancing Video in Egypt, First Trans Male Sex Worker at Nevada Brothel, All-Women Garage in Nigeria

Global Roundup: Senegal “First Lady” of Graffiti, Protest vs BBC Transphobic Coverage, South Korea Court Dismisses Landmark LGBTQ+ Rights Lawsuit, Gender-fluid Fashion, New Zealand Feminist Playwright

Global Roundup: Femicide in France, Healing Centre for Activists in Honduras, LGBTQ+ Adoption in Taiwan, Women Changing Sumo Wrestling, Queer Youth in Nigeria Revive Ballroom Culture