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Holiday Break

Sekhmet's Tits and other poetry

Essay: Why I Say "Fuck"

Essay: A Time for Fire and Guillotines

Global Roundup: Abortion Bill Could Make History in Argentina, Saudi Feminist to Stand Trial in "Terrorism" Court, Feminist Candidates in Uganda's Elections, Wives Kiss on Elle Cover

Essay: Exiled Hearts

Global Roundup: Resistance in Hong Kong, Sex Workers on the African Continent, Women in STEM, Migrant Workers in Lebanon and a Singapore LGBT+ Podcast

Global Roundup: #MeToo in China, COVID19's Impact on Women, Elliot Page Comes Out as Trans

Essay: The King Herself

Global Roundup: Punjab Women Farmers Protest Farming Law, Afghan Female Tattoo Artist Breaking Taboo

Global Roundup: Feminists vs Sexual Violence and Greedy Billionaires; Queer Rights and Queer Artists; Safe Spaces for Indigenous Youth

Global Roundup: Free Period Products for All in Scotland, Indigenous Women Take the Lead in Tourism, Safe Spaces for Transgender People

Global Roundup: Fighting FGM, Indigenous Climate and Transgender Activism, Challenging Stigma and Taboo with Art

Global Roundup: Transgender Day of Remembrance Edition

Global Roundup: Workers and Trans People Against Patriarchy and the Pandemic

Global Roundup: Feminist Lens on Urban Planning and Euthanasia, Queering Fashion Binaries, and Women Morticians

Essay: Falling Apart Like a Feminist

Global Roundup: Abortion Rights in Argentina, Menstrual Products for Maoist Fighters in India, Protesting Rape in Malawi, Women Will Not Cook a Little in Lebanon,

Global Roundup: Female Filmmakers Focus on Older Women in South Korea and the African-Australian Experience, a Latina STEM Entrepreneur, New Laws vs Coercive Control

Global Roundup: Fighting back against victim-blaming in Peru, corruption in Burkina Faso, and gender binaries in fashion and makeup

Global Roundup: Women fighting the patriarchy, oppression and the pandemic via running for politics and politically-charged art

Essay: For Mary Wollstonecraft - the White Feminist Fantasy of "Everywoman."

Global Roundup: Fighting Period Poverty in China and Gender Norms in Ghana, and a Victory for Non-Binary People in Canada

Global Roundup: Feminists in Mexico fight femicide and police violence, changing the dictionary definition of "woman," and Junglepussy fights back against patriarchy

Global Roundup: Stella Nyanzi's parliamentary campaign in Uganda, a school for trans students in Bangladesh, a Big Fat Theatre Company in India, feminist and queer rights in Thailand

Global Roundup: Film on Iranian Feminist Hero, Marriage Equality in Mexico, Shelter for Sex Workers in Canada

Global Roundup: Women against patriarchy in Zimbabwe, USA, China, Lebanon and India

Essay: Feminist Killjoy Here To Wreck Your Parties

Global Roundup: Feminist revolutionaries in Nigeria, LGBTQ victories in US Elections, Disability Inclusion in Fashion

Global Roundup: Women challenging patriarchy and its crimes in Pakistan, Liberia, Yemen, USA and Nunavik

Global Roundup: Queer Latinx voters in the US Election, Taiwan Pride, Feminists at Thai Protests, Maori Foreign Minister, Trans Rights in India

Essay: Become a Menace to Your Enemies

Global Roundup: Fighting to end racist and fatphobic nudity policies, witch hunting, and transphobia at the polls

Global Roundup: Feminist and queer news from Lebanon, Guatemala, Somalia, Malaysia and Pakistan

Essay: Fuck is a Feminist Word

Global Roundup: Marching for feminism in Pakistan, advocating for criminalized women in Canada, highlighting Ivorian designers

Global Roundup: Feminist Protests in Poland, Feminist Talk Show in South Africa, and Feminist Lessons from Indigenous Women

Global Roundup: Women leading revolutions

Essay: Patriarchy Promotes a Five-Star General

Global Roundup: Fighting for abortion rights, deaf students, trans people, and against fatphobia

Global Roundup: Indigenous women in the Philippines, mothers from Jordan, Trans News from India, abortion laws in Japan, and a young Pakistani footballer 

Global Roundup: Feminism fights for the rights of LGBTQ people and Indigenous people, and demands an end to misogynist violence

Global Roundup: Protesting for TikTok Women in Egypt, gender equality in Algeria and Somaliland, intersectionality in Nigeria, and the release of women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia

Essay: Macho Man

Global Roundup: Fighting divorce stigma in India, transphobia in Japan, and Amy Coney Barrett's nomination in the US

Global Roundup: Safety for queer and trans Indigenous people, respect for non-binary authors, a new drag show, and women leading the way.

Global Roundup: Feminism Fighting Back

Global Roundup: Raising feminist boys, Black female artists taking up space, and queering "Macho Man"

Global Roundup: Feminist fights for migrant domestic workers and for girls around the world

Global Roundup: Fighting patriarchy in Namibia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, USA

Global Roundup: Disabled women, queer women, and filmmaking women fight patriarchy

Global Roundup: Resisting patriarchy through protests, art, and queer love

Global Roundup: Feminism must be intersectional - and angry!

Essay: Dear 8th Grader

Photo Essay:"Real" Men Can Fuck Right Off

Global Roundup: Activists and Femcees Fight the Patriarchy

Global Roundup: Women in Kashmir, Sudan and the USA confront State violence, a queer poet and a film in India take on gender and identity

Global Roundup: #MeToo in Iran, gendering wardrobes, sex workers push back at Ontario shutdown, let girls run the social media world!

Editorial: FEMINIST GIANT Does Not Wish Donald Trump Well

Global Roundup: Sex workers speak, women leading protests, and climbing the highest mountains

Global Roundup: Abortion rights, equal pay and representation in sports, and the power of the Chilean feminist movement.

Global Roundup: Indigenous Women's Lives Matter, new laws in Bangladesh, Kuwait, a running club for women of colour, and "Death to El Macho"

Global Roundup: Names, menstrual cups, and the importance of "Hello, everyone."

Global Roundup: On legs, queer representation and dating while non-binary.

Essay: If Amy Coney Barrett was a Muslim

Essay: Whose Lives Matter?

Global Roundup: There is Nothing Benevolent About Patriarchy

Global Roundup: Feminist Superheroes

Essay: How Many Rapists Must We Kill?

Global Roundup: Surviving and Fighting Patriarchal Fuckery

Global Roundup: The March for Justice from Patriarchal Fuckery is Global

Essay: Why Do They Still Hate Us?

Global Roundup: Tearing up patriarchy's passport

Global Roundup: Staying Alert to Global Patriarchal Fuckery

Essay: Feminist Paradise vs a Multiplicity of Fuckeries

Global Roundup: Revolutions, glitter and the patriarchy

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